Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ally- how are you doing?
Megan- ok, I guess. How are you?
Ally- I've been great.
Megan- Practice has been hard since I didn't make it to World's Championship, and so my coach wants me to be ready for next year.
Ally- oh, wow, I have been doing well in practice. I would say that my program for the World's Championship is kidda spicy, if you know what i mean.
The locker room door opens and Megan's mom walks in.
Ally- oh hey, Lisa. How have you been?
Lisa- oh, just a bit busy. How are you?
Ally- I've been great!
Lisa- Well, i'm happy for you. Megan are you ready?
Megan- I guess.
Ally- Where are you guys going?
Megan- I've got to go to my coach's house to talk about practice scdril.
Ally- Well, I guess I'll see you guys aroud.
Megan- ok see you around.
Lisa- yeah, see ya.

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  1. Treasa,
    Don't forget to capitalize the first word each time the girls speak.