Sunday, May 17, 2009


play on the ice
play it in your way
play it and have some fun
stay nice and cool
while laughing, too
it's made to have some fun
for me and you

you can spin
you can lay
you can do it every day
you can even do it on your own

playing on the ice!


Ally- how are you doing?
Megan- ok, I guess. How are you?
Ally- I've been great.
Megan- Practice has been hard since I didn't make it to World's Championship, and so my coach wants me to be ready for next year.
Ally- oh, wow, I have been doing well in practice. I would say that my program for the World's Championship is kidda spicy, if you know what i mean.
The locker room door opens and Megan's mom walks in.
Ally- oh hey, Lisa. How have you been?
Lisa- oh, just a bit busy. How are you?
Ally- I've been great!
Lisa- Well, i'm happy for you. Megan are you ready?
Megan- I guess.
Ally- Where are you guys going?
Megan- I've got to go to my coach's house to talk about practice scdril.
Ally- Well, I guess I'll see you guys aroud.
Megan- ok see you around.
Lisa- yeah, see ya.


Terrible Accident
The young Ally Crowder had a bad day at the Olympics. She was doing great in her program, with no mess up or mistakess. She was in the lead.
Then it came time for her to do a triple axel. She did all three revolutions in the air, but when it came time for her to come down to land on her foot, she twisted her ankel, fell, and then she hit the side of the wall.
It took her coach about ten minutes to wake her back up. She then was sent to the Garden city Hospital. The doctor told Ally that she would have to quit skating for three weeks and come back in for a check up before she begans to skate again.

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