Friday, April 24, 2009

Michelle Kwan

Michelle Kwan, who is she? What does she do? Well she's a world champion figure skater. She was born on July 7, 1980, in Torrance, California. 26

She began skating at the age of five. A year after that, she came in first at a competition. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, Michelle won 2 single titles in 3 years at the world figure skating championship, on April 14, 1998. She also captured the world title in the following years: 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, and 2003. She had won 60 1st prizes in her figure skating career through the years 1992-2005. 72

At the age of 13, Michelle came in 8th at the world championships. Which is very difficult to do at that age.22

In the years of 1998, she was only a senior in high school. She had a lot of interest in Harvard and law school. She also thought of beginning a career in television or even becoming a district attorney. 37

In 1998 a girl named Tara Cipinski came in first at Salt Lake City, surprisingly leading Michelle into 2nd. At this moment she is senior skater. Her home club is Los Angeles FSC. Her home town is Los Angeles, California. Artesia, California is her training town. Rafael Arutunian is her coach and her choreographer is Tatiana Tarasova. 57

As you can see Michelle Kwan has done very great in her figure skating career, but she has done other things through out her life. For example she has played the voice for Fa Mulan and Mulan. She also has played in 5 episode for Today through the years of 2005-2008. She has played in Entertainment Tonight and Ice Princess. 61

As you can see Michelle Kwan is a very hard worker and successful in what she has done. She's a very brave skater because even though there might be other people who have won more awards. I look up to her because when she has fallen and it's hard to get back to your feet, she does it any ways. That's why she's one of my favorite skaters.68

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